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I Call #mysweetheart - available 40 codes for the U.S. appStore

diario 26/8/2010

I Call my Sweetheart

Category: Lifestyle

this exclusive application is the best place to place your sweetheart phone number.
it's easy and immediate to use and your love will have a special exclusive place. in your heart, in the heart of your iPhone.

how to use it:
click on setup to insert the phone number of your love and click ok. the number will be stored in your iPhone, but not in your contacts.
from the main window, tap on the giant red heart and your sweetheart will be called.


App Shopper: iCall My SweetHeart Lifestyle.

How can i receive a redeem code? i have just 40 codes available..
All you have to do is to send a twitter message like this (or better):
"I want #mysweetheart http://tinyurl.com/2ccuxyp"
you can modify it or thinking something nice about this topic (don't forget the link and the topic..

I'll send the redeem code (you can use it only in the U.S. AppStore) to the best messages about #mysweetheart topic

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